FEELS LIKE HOME.... Blog in English


I Just feel like I am at home…




I already landed in Sydney and I´m looking for the Exit at the Airport to get my luggage. I didn´t follow the crowd of people….because I wanted to check out where to go by myself …. Never can be sure a crowd of people will always be right… and I am not in a hurry as I have to wait for my luggage to be ready for pick up.


I´m doing a selfie in front of a rainbow decoration, I am looking at everything very intensive and long, before I jump on the escalator to glide one floor deeper…. And somebody was there.




I met this wonderful person one year ago. Anyway a little like an accident for both of us… as an coincidence….


I was in Cairns at the Casino…. That also  was a “coincidence” because of the beautiful very good performing Band who brought me there to watch their show… but that´s another Story… so let´s go back!


While  I was waiting to order my last Drink 😉 for the night… a very tall person touched my shoulder..


And said:  “I can´t  believe you are here!”


Who me?... have me meet before?


“no! but I know YOU! You were at the esplanade today- you wore a white dress! Now you are here! In a black dress but you are the girl with the white dress… I can´t believe you are here… would you like to join me for a drink- as there is somebody you would like to meet.”




And after that… the 2 meter giant- or maybe even 2.5meter giant- placed me at a table where a gentleman was sitting- looking also a little tired after a long lasting night.. also inhaling his last drink like me….haha…


Then the two meter giant disappeared.  He sat me down like a dog and I stay like a dog…haha…. So happy about that by the way!


I remember exactly when I sat down opposite this man…I could sense both of us thinking: what am I doing with here? Haha! And just for information… it was exactly like that – we talked about later…


That’s the way it was when we meet one year ago… I thought it will take time forever to come back again… sooooooooooo long time to wait to come back to make it possible to follow the invitation to his house… sooooo horrible terrible and unbelievable looooong time.


But suddenly…gliding down the escalator… I finally arrived at the place I was so longing to come back to 😊 saying nothing we hugged each other- we both laughted- and saying nothing again… another hug another laugh.


So we move on…. A little hiking tour to reach the car… a little 4 hours drive just around the neighborhood which I comment many times saying the words:  I can´t believe you drive so far to pick me up…4 hours!


Maybe we Austrians will have another understanding for distances! Could be haha…


So… yes and then we entered the house….


THE HOUSE. Like a magic stick comes over me and I am a princess at the moment I felt… OH MY GOD. How lucky am I to have the pleasure to be here…. Speechless… but…. Squealing when he shows me my room… holy moly… and nothing left to say….




Actually I am sitting here outside under the terrace -it looks like a film set-doing my blog…


What will happen in the next few days…with all the  expiriences… and the people which we will meet… and the places we will go down under…. I am both-curios and  excited!


And the wind is blowing….so strong…again that crazy wind… so like in was in  perth…so it´s here… always with me…it seems…


I asked Barry if it is always windy here and he said to me this is not normal for this time of the year.


“Ah! Ok…. Good to know 😉haha…


So… i´m here… I arrived… let the games begin… and just let it happen… I don´t need to know something because it will come the way it should be and that’s good… as long as i´m felling good… everything is wonderful and magical…


I have no reel need to know what´s going on and I don´t understand why so many people need to know whats going on.


Isn´t that the point in Life …to let things just happen? To make life so much more exciting…. Fulfilled with experience? I think… not to know is…. Very sexy.




In the normal everyday-life- you always…or most of the time you know what you get… ok… good….


But…. For me… especially for me… I LOVE not to know! That’s so much more exciting… so much more feeling…. Alive! I could do that all day long and all night!


No Plans- are the best Plans and no Idea is the best Idea!


Just DO it is the best way to do something and not to know the best science!


That´s how the best things in Life are created…. You just let it happen!


As long as you feel confortable ..and you plant seeds of good thoughts… nothing bad can happen…. And even if something “bad” happens… it´s GOOD! Because then… you can choose to leave!


And that’s very simple!


At first! It´s a thought!


After that- a question! “Can I change it?”






After that…comes instructions to myself!


It works like- Instruction from Head to feet- stand up- AND GO!


Do I need something? YES? GOOD!


Instruction- Head to feet AND Direction! Needed things with instruction : Head- hand- catch – and put into something what can be carried…


Head to feet …. And you know….haha…


Maybe than … you need a Taxi?




Call the “Suddenly-magically-a-taxi-appears-Phonenumber” and by the wa the number in Australia for a taxi is 131 008  (not the pizza delivery service…maybe that would not bring you the result you want) and instruct your vocal chords to give the correct vibration information that makes you savely seated a few minutes later in a taxi to GO….




And then you are on your way INTO another… different REALITY- Which YOU and YOU alone create…


And that we have that immense force…. Is so wonderful…. But to often we forget about that…. We forget….. what a pitty…


We are able to WALK…to MOVE… to TALK… to… DO!


Every day in every second…. As long a s we are in sound mind and healthy…. WE CAN DO…




It always starts with a very simple little Instruction… in YOUR head!


 The central control… YOU HEAD! 😊


To be  lazy  is no excuse… by the way…. If you choose to be lazy it´s just an excuse…. YOU choose THAT… so… you WANT THAT… although you wouldn’t have….. surprise surprise… CHOOSEN it!


And if you choose that… whatever…. DAMN! BE HAPPY ABOUT IT




Because…. With easy decisions…. You can do it! I´m sure!


Or did you go to the Ice cream parlor and you order the worst tasting sort of ice cream because you thought you had to? Do you forget in that moment if you ordered you favourite ice cream it would taste so much better.




Did you put on your trousers on this morning inside out or did you wear your Wonderbra as a cap on your head? Do you sometimes ware your sisters skirt around your neck? Or do you paint a big L on your forehead with lipstick? Are you preparing your coffee and pour it into the drain before you drink it?


Do you forget sometimes in the morning to give both feet the instruction to move so… one feet is not informed an you fell down? Did you clean your cats butt with your toothbrush? Or are you sometimes cooking wish wash powder?


I think…. In these cases you have you got your instructions under control…. I guess so…. In Austria we say…. We lean us far out of the window if we assert something…




Me… for my part… I can say I can handle that well… good… not always…. If it comes over me…. Not…. What I mean is… if I hear a cool song in the supermarket I cannot control my urge to dance…. Or to squeal if I see something nice that makes me  squeal! Or when I fall into somebodys arms or cuddle my cat like a stuffed fluffy animal…. singing lovesongs which makes her disappointed…


Anyway… also this are not INSTRUCTIONS I just let it happen… I just do it… and I love it because….




If another one in the supermarket start shaking… a liiiiiiittle bit….. or squel together…or the intensive hug on both sides….my funny looking like grumpy cat- cat when she got such big eyes when I surprise her with an unexpected love attack….


I really want to recommend that TO EVERYBODY!


The thing with positive Instructio is that they can make everything easy and so beautiful in  every moment…. So you had better start NOW…




So…. I think… for today… I say goodbye!


THANK YOU for coming here! So MUCH SOOOO MUCH …


Happy to have you here








THANK YOU BARRY! 🤩🤗😍❤️ For helping me to translate and EVERYTHING! Love you 🌈💃🌈💃🌈💃