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A kingdome. A mirror. And simply YOU.




What do you see? When you look in the mirror? Are you even looking closely?


Well, I started looking closely.


Because THERE, you can look yourself in the eye ask you anything – no matter what comes out of it – it is incredibly exciting.




“I’m desperate – everything is changing – I can’t go back – the ball has started rolling – as much as I have wished for what is happening right now – as much I wish, it wouldn’t have happened. Lola help me – I’m really miserable.”




Good morning – a beautiful morning by the way.


Here, in the pampa. The sun is shining – the wind blows.


Enthusiastic, extremely well animated plush dogs welcome me, I cuddle them, I am sure – so cute… too cute to be real. It is pure magic jumping around me, tail-wagging, and so we jump together and are happy to be able to! Into the nature! A shower underneath the open sky. I feel… indescribable.


A beautifully laid table – a breakfast beyond compare – a gaze in the distance.


A kingdom right before my eyes & a breakfast for kings and queens.


And a message. So desperate – filled with doubt.


Hi it’s me again!




They wanna… DANCE. My hands. They wanna tell you something! May I?


I can… not wait.


Hello beloved writer of this wonderful text I just received.


You’ll be asleep right now – but I know I am fully with you. Maybe it’s better this way, because I am completely in your subconscious and fill it with all the good thoughts you should actually have but just don’t know you should have. That’s why! It’s good that you are sleeping – that your door is widely open so to say – I’m coming to you now and I’m gonna tidy up a bit.


Tomorrow you will wake up and be all new. And in that moment – a wind gust pelted over me…     My cup falls to the ground. It is right.


Let us begin… Let us make magic perceptible and everyone who’s here with us will feel it too – if you want – that’s completely… it’s up to you.


I am ready – I’ve got everything with me that I need for tidying up… in written form… well…




What have you made so fantastically vital for yourself?


Your life has turned around. Something happened. You know something’s changing? GOOD.


Every change that feels like it has been forced on you ­– is a necessary change that couldn’t wait because it had to get TO YOU. There is no point in resisting or fighting against it because that wouldn’t be fair towards your fortune. It comes trampling over because it wants to you! Dammit! Even if it seems in hopeless – change never is a bad thing – unless… you love waiting for the Day X, when you have to go – where you can’t feel the wind – where you can’t walk anymore – where you can’t touch, taste, smell anything, like you do now in this world, ever again.




Who flash-freezed you so to feel such fear… To just let the change take over – and except it?


You flash-freeze yourself daily by thinking and holding on to the idea, it would be better to walk this world and think of it frozen and take the world as rigid and immobile as it is. It doesn’t help your luck if you try to memory flash yourself a la Men in Black all the time………. But you memory flash yourself daily by saying no, no, it’s good how it is, let it be, let’s better not change a thing, better be safe than sorry! And… FLASH. And yet another day passes by with you stagnating. But NOW it shall happen – your memory flash didn’t grasp – SOMETHING has HAPPENED! WOW!




The memory FLASH. THAT what leads you to dubitate everything. THAT is the enemy - Not change – change never is your enemy – it’s your friend and your ticket to the life that wants to you.


Let the wind carry away everything you thought was nailed down.


In the End you are the only windproof component you need – let everything else go.                                               And life knows what it’s doing – let it show you where to go.


Take it. It wants to come to you.




I can’t continue under these circumstances… And I’ll have to let it be… everyone’s driving me crazy…. Nobody gets me…. Everything is like I never wanted it to be.




You have to stop doing something? In your case… and you know that I mean you, my heart


Then it’s relatively small thing… Only when you think it’s bad, it is.


When you think it isn’t, it is. And… PERIOD!




And everyone’s driving you crazy. Of course they do. That’s just natural – so don’t bear a grudge and try to understand NO ONE around does NOT care about you. Then again, if you weren’t loved and cared for, then nobody would, at the risk of making you angry, try to make you crazy. I’d be all “I don’t give a shit” and “who cares” for you. But those people love you, even if it feels like they wanted to hurt you. They can’t help it, they are not YOU.


And therefore, they don’t know… Only you are you, so only you can know.


So, let the others be the others. They don’t mean to harm you. Try to understand that they also are just behaving like human beings do.


And nobody gets you? Of course – I mean, honestly – that’d be the worst, really horrible.




Someone understanding you, even though you can’t!?


Where’d that get us? You would be dependent on everything you live! Someone else would have to confirm the accuracy of every step you take.


Because if there’s someone else who understands you… then you’d have to give up the power of being you.


Nobody has to/will/should ever understand you.


They can only to you a favour and try to get an idea of how you might feel right now. But  no one can UNTERSTAND. That’s a fallacy.




Sanity and sense are convenient for standardising things that ought to work for the general public.
Like for example Would you please make some tea for me - then it would be great if the the other individual boils the kettle, takes a mug, throws in a teabag and adds the water. Then he understands and that´s it with the sense.


Everywhere else and especially in your living situation …


It makes you greatly miserable, if you are sitting through a rendezvous, one after another with Mister Sanity. Leave him off the latch – he is sitting fine by himself. He is not in need of an entertainer. Rather entertain yourself with a look in the mirror and talk to YOURSELF – as stupid as it may sound.


SADLY it sounds stupid – because so much would be clearer, if you look into there.


And I promise you… if YOU do this tonight you will see me because I am all with you und then let us produce magic together by looking at each other intensively and connecting our eyes – in that moment you will get goosebumps if it worked, and your pupils will dilate or constrict. THAT is the moment in which you can let go and…Doesn´t help, can´t hurt either. So, go….


I know it sounds crazy and INCOMPREHENSIBLE and that is simply the reason why it works.




I am here now and I am waiting – my eyes as green as never …. In this kingdom – I am fully pumped. Give me this minute.




For you and for you…. I am wishing for YOUR WORLD.


You world that is laying there so endlessly but build by you with old, dusty toy brick walls, that are so you think very protective – stop flirting with your own barriers – you don’t have to build yourself anything – it is allowed to just happen – and that is good.


And what is happening in you right now is a MIRACLE.


And YOU are a part of it.


YOU are allowed to witness this miracle.


YOU ARE ALLOWED to undergo this miracle.






The thoughts are free, they are free, they are free – everything comes and goes like it should and may if it may and you take it – nothing can happen it only can grow.


Therefore away with the wall – away with that seemingly safety roof of thoughts –


There is always enough space above.


There is always enough space ABOVE…


And now… Let us start with That person in the mirror….


And it has to be… at best with THAT song in the background.


It is unbelievable how electrifying IT comes when you see yourself in the mirror.


I do this occasionally and – I have to say – best charm – ever.


Lots of love, your Lola


Confused & in a roundabout way….


Today in my blog. But I know you get me – if not… doesn’t matter – your subconscious knows what I’m talking about, I’m absolutely sure.


And by now you should smirk a bit.


Maybe you didn’t notice but… Yes, maybe now…


I hug you intensively and… send to you a “feel like a queen” energy package…


By the wind…that struck right NOW in this moment…




And Period. Goosebumps to round off…


Bye, see you soon at the next thought-dance 😊

THANKS TO KOSO for the Wonderful Translation! And sorry if i say something in a wrong way… but.... YES... thats simply me ...haha!

i give my best- and i will learn… hopefully ;-)



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