Operating instructions -all the same isn’t it? 😉




Hey hey, I’m looking for the treasure today! I’ve found the map – so… it’s only a matter of orientation and motivation to get running and receive the treasure.


So let’s GO! Anything that GOES is… a PROGRESS – it can not run backwards and if I run in circles it still is distance travelled which was not in vain – it was good for something else – my fitness, for example – mentally and physically! HA! Double win!


Well, yeah… I -Lola- am here and I’m gonna get started now….




I’m sitting here in my beloved surrounding of -NOTHING-


Far and wide nothing and no one. Only me – 2 wonderful friends are with me…
They are four legged – and incredibly warm-hearted. I was in love from the first second on and today I am especially happy that they even stayed with me when their boss – so, their master, drove off. Oh – how nice – I hope - I think - they like me a bit and for that I am already WOW thankful.


And here’s the three of us now, sitting, and I am just writing away protected by these two mythical creatures.


The last time … there was this mirror in my blog and I have to look into it again today, because I suddenly felt relegated back this morning when I woke up, took my phone into my hand and read a message.


Brrrrrrr…. I’m getting chills… besides, the wind is just shredding my hairdo. Whatever! Signs. It’s true once again. It’s giving me the shudders… but pleasant ones. Because what I know what I’m reading here all too well. The mirror experiment has made an impact. And I know how that feels.


I’ve been there before.


So, how often do you look in the mirror and just ask yourself how you are?


How often do you look in the mirror to just look after yourself?


How often do you look in the mirror just to give yourself a smile?


How often do you look in the mirror just to get an answer when you’re stumped?


How often do you look in the mirror when you’re not feeling well to tell yourself that it’s okay, that it’ll go by?


How often do you look in the mirror to just thank yourself, that everything, your brain your body your spirit, works together so flawlessly?   










And when you start doing that, many things can happen


Suddenly you’re standing there and starting… to SEE YOURSELF.


There we become aware of fact that we normally NEVER see ourselves.


There we realize that we are LOOKING all too rarely!


We don’t CARE enough about LOOKING and VISUALLY LISTENING.


It speaks VOLUMES… YOUR body, and sometimes or right when start – DELIBERATELY START to look, it can happen that… your body realizes that you’re looking and then…


IT FIRES AWAY – and everything flows out of you. If it’s tears, then you can see the flow even better.


DON’T LOOK AWAY! Stay at it. STAY AT IT! WAIT! GIVE IT TIME! It’s like… when you suddenly turn on the lights or when you realize that the silent movie does have sound or when you look into the sky until the sun goes down, suddenly, something very different appears in your mind’s eye…


The stars!




So, what does it want to say – so what do I want to tell MYSELF- there in the mirror?!


I think by the way that it was always meant like that – looking at oneself in the mirror with everything that comes with it! I think nature presented us long before we had our newer days High Tech mirrors…haha….with our reflection in the water. Here everything reflects and there you can just look into the water and see YOURSELF – it SHOULD BE LIKE THAT!


So, let us look closely at that treasure map!


The treasure map is YOU! And here before the mirror it lays – absolutely uncovered and free to access- maybe you have just looked in the wrong place for a long time and therefore so much feels so heavy and therefore you got LOST!


Whatever – it completely doesn´t matter – I already said every METER is good for something!


You know…. Just strolling around in life without having ever seen, read or even just briefly skimmed across your OWN OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS is in comparison just as difficult as buying yourself a highly-complex super machine that can do it all – but being too lazy to read the operating instructions.




You just hysterically push every button or some of them or even a few at a time – sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t – and by the time you’re already really grumpy that the super modern machine won’t work – you can still throw out the Russian solution and just… HIT IT!


And if that doesn’t work – hit harder – worst case, you got to repair something or one feature has gone to the devil. Still has other features so, who cares.


I think… everyone of us knows…the NEW DEVICE you buy and in your impatience you skip the instructions and just push any button… we shall see.


Haha… I have to say I’m pretty good with all that tech stuff!


That is why I, years ago, decided to take a look at my instructions – or my treasure map – all the same – I mean, both guide you to your goal, which is the independence to USE EVERYTHING – yes, I have decided UNPACK, LOOK AT and STUDY this INSTRUCTION.


It doesn’t matter with the TV – if I push some buttons – apart from that, it doesn’t matter what button I push, it’s normally nonsense either way – some “I trigger you into depression” Entertainment. Therefore…


But it’s not so wise pushing some random buttons for your own luck or using the Russian method own yourself. Sorry for the term, no hard feelings at all my friends… I once watched a movie and I had to laugh real hard when they were in space and some device malfunctioned – nobody could fix it when the Russian guy suddenly said – let me show you how we do it in Russia – then he punched the machine with a hammer and BAMM the machine started again… well, worth a shot with technology maybe, but everywhere else… no good, really!


The radio in my shop -  also an often for Russian affection asking gadget – it’s under my desk and sometimes when it won’t work, I only need to kick once, short and snappy – bamm – as good as ever... hahahaha….


But back to my manual – my treasure map.


You’re right in front of it and you discovered it.


That’s why there’s a sudden reaction – and if it is tears, beloved writer of this beautiful morning message, that I have taken deeply to my heart…


Your body is thankful for finally taking the map and starting to read – so much you wanna TELL YOURSELF – you cry tears of joy for you are happy to finally be heard…


BY YOURSELF – the ONLY person in this world that can CHANGE EVERYTHING -that has everything HE OR SHE NEEDS – to create and turn around EVERYTHING – the ONLY PERSON – who knows


Where the treasure that leads to YOU is at – at that’s everything YOU want to tell yourself all the time – sometimes through Sadness, Anger, Desperation, Anxiety, Aggression, Confusion, Illness or Discomfort, and up to now, you then just ran around – tried to alleviate everything by visualising things that seemly were the circumstances that were able to put everything at ease – but NO! It never disappeared – and you wonder and wonder – but by now you’ve passed by the mirror and looked into it 2 times!


Oh my god it’ SOOOO AWESOME! Thank heavens, you luckily noticed the reflex, passed by the mirror again but this time you turned around waited – gave YOURSELF TIME for your INNER YOU.




Here’s the interior monologue you couldn’t hear despite it taking place in your body in that very moment you stood by that mirror - I now will try to recite that conversation between your body and spirit in an audible and readable way… ok…


Well, your self is sleeping deeply – Body and Spirit take shifts keeping an ear open


In case you’d watch/listen again – but they are exhausted.


Because they’re fully laden and waiting to be picked up – they almost give up so…


It’s gonna take a little longer… but thank god you’ve waited LONG enough THIS TIME so you’ve been PERCEIVED BY YOURSELF…


Your body spoke:


DUDE DUDE DUDE….. HEEEYY – I can’t believe it – wake up – AAHHHH! I think I’m going crazy – wake up GHOST! She’s looking, she’s looking! WHAAAT!?


And your ghost awakes, like when a thunderstorm wakes you with a start…


Wait what she’s awake!? Right now? Oh man! …that’s happening a bit fast for me… wait wait wait… I gotta say very much in a very short span, who knows maybe she falls asleep again! Ahh there she is… Well…..… that and this those and that too and ohhh yeah also this and wait… a thousand other things… I won’t finish like that… CHARGE – AIM – FIRE!


BAAAAMMMM! And then it got you like an explosion and you’ve overflown – because there’s so much! So much!! SO INCREDIBLY MUCH! And it all wants to you – and YOU – your Self wants to make it easy for you, but you have to, or, should – if you really want that – be attentive and give it some time… for YOU! If not for yourself, for whom?


Do you know what I mean?


You have OVERFLOWN and that’s GOOD!


Let it come! EVERYTHING! Even if it stresses you out ….like, intensively… really hard at the beginning.


Trust me, or better, trust yourself… that this strange feeling soon will change into a pleasant one… it’s just new at the moment, let it come!


You gonna see – promised – you’ll laugh out loud in front of the mirror and I’m sure when it happens I’m gonna feel it, and I’ll have to laugh with you!


Because we also found ourselves, THANK YOU for always being in my life.


I’m incredibly thankful for everything I, together with you, may see in this world…




And wow, I’m like…


You know what I’m gonna do now? I gonna go out and have myself the best shower I have EVER had…… beneath the open sky, surrounded by NOTHING. Vast spaces – and the water drips off of me. The wind dries me. I cuddle the dogs ‘til they wanna get rid of me – which can take some time, I once tried overdoing it… NOTHING – hahahaha… and then I’m gonna wait until who belongs home comes home.


I’m very happy to have followed my intuition when I came here... even there I was sitting in front of my mini cosmetics mirror and asked myself – should I come down here?


And my pupils made BOOOMM! --- and that was a YES


Thanks for the quick answer – the quick aid… spot-on. It feels like I got a bit emptier, so to speak, in this endless vastness, but in a good way… it feels like… I now can breathe more easily, in every way…


HMM? Understandable? Ehh?? …Nonsense! Doesn’t matter – because it’s sooo AWESOME!




Well, well you terrific people – you know what!


LOTS OF LOVE, YOUR LOLA <3                                      and… of course… LIVE YOUR LIVE AWESOME!