"Hate" through my Lolalot Glasses


"LOLALOT" Glasses

(in Austria we say..."rosarot glasses what means- if everything is always fine so you must wear pink glasses where you look through and everything is always good- i call them lolalot- similar word in german ;-)


Hey Lola… So you really can see everything through your LOLALOT glasses, right? You´re lucky! You seem like you never had real problems…”

Oh yea? Alright. If you think so. Then that´s alright.



Hello YOU!


It was so busy.. the week increases in events day by day..
Oh how much I like that!


And you know what was striking until yesterday.. that the following topic.. this week.. came up so many times..
I was allowed to meet many people who stood in front of my door with this problem... someone actually contacted me by phone... same problem.... and I had a coversation this week also.... abou this...


So, let´s go! I have to get it out. It already tingles inside me.




Hello "HATE"!
How are you doing?
Who do you want to attack?
Who is it allowed to be today? – Who didn´t had it yet, who wants it again?


HATE – today it’s your turn!


But don´t worry, I don´t mean it in a bad way – I´ll just take a closer look at you because..
obviously you like to do your mischief and you like to blind people with your manipulative distraction manoeuvre!
That´s how I see it…
I don´t know but for me you are not necessary at any party - or in any situation.
I can do without you. Completely. It´s the same with a cake. I don´t need anything – and other people can have more of it and they, completely incomprehensible, can be pleased with it..


Lola, I now need to tell you something.. imagine the person you hate the most!”


What do you want me to do? I can´t do that. I don´t hate anyone!”


That can´t be Lola!”


Sorry. Yes. That would be incredible- that…
sorry I don´t have that in my repertoire”


Alright! I´m going to tell you something then – things happened to me – in my life – that I don´t even wish to happen to the person I hate the most! And I really do hate this person! So much!”


Pfff.. Oh Gosh.. really? You really can hate a person that much? You can?
Wow. I didn´t think that, but ok.
Tell me.. what happened? If it doesn´t evolve about murder and manslaughter..”


No matter what happened..
That´s not even close to the point..

It´s about.. the fact that remains at the end, that a person that once was “loved” will be at a later point in life, after many incidents, suddenly or slowly – that doesn´t matter – turned into an object of hate.




While I am writing this.. while I put myself into this story, this human, this circumstance..
I really need to say that everything becomes so heavy inside me..
and I feel perceptibly oppressed.. And I know for sure – for myself, in my world, with my beautiful Lolaloten glasses.. this absolutely is Lola- out of touch with reality
and it can never, absolutely impossibly, make you even a little more happy in case you believe that this could be a solution.



What must have happened to you for it to be possible to hate someone..


someone you once loved?




For heaven's sake!
Then you never really loved this person anyways!
You never really loved this person!


This is absolutely impossible!
Then you never understood what love is and you never really experienced it.
This I can promise you!

LOVE – real love – not the kind of..


oh no him, or her, that should be ok.. that doesn´t seem too bad.


There´s enough on his bank account.. the person has a job and want´s children.. And yea that´s why we are in this relationship.. it´s ok because I find him pretty, so let´s go I have my pleasure with it.
So let´s say YES for now and afterwards it is still possible to say NO.. many people do that.


I am talking about love that is absolutely real.
And I am thankful for the whole universe because…..
And I am sure... I can do IT!
I can LOVE!

And that´s why I just know..
It is impossible to HATE.. if you once LOVED.


Because then, you love in every circumstance -
then you just love and this doesn´t mean
you have to be together, you can do it while being “separate”
or you get married or whatever ...
You don´t even have to be around each other because
sometimes it can happen that people block each other off
and they still love and they are happy that the other is fine and they wish
so sincere that the other is just happy and always finds what he longs for-and you wish
the other that he can strike it, do it, take it and indulge into it!


So.. please c´mon!
What do you mean by saying you hate that person?


I believe.. and that is what ONLY I believe.
This is not supposed to be something like : this is how it is and not any different -
This could be different for you, you have to make up your own mind.


However, for me this feels like..
You never really loved this person and suddenly,
after this person or both decided that they can´t be together anymore
you have seen yourself being at a disadvantage and you put yourself down..
Cross-armed and you felt wronged..
Fraud… Money.. Children.. things that often come into play.
And then.. you lay down and you watch your “OBJECT OF HATE”
The goal always in focus to kick off at the right moment -
because you are sure… Your time will come
And then you will PAY HIM EVERYTHING BACK!
Everything back!
The tide will be turning!
And this person will regret what he did to you!



Turn the light on, stand up, clean off the dust that has settled because of lying around and look at yourself !
If it doesn´t help – it doesn´t harm- and lay down – you can keep your goal in focus afterwards – this person won´t run away and you will know where to find him/her.


And then, you stand in front of the mirror and just make a value-free thought journey of how this has come about!


This person possibly hurt you!
But this happened to you for a reason!
And as a result of the fact that this person hurt you, you can realise that something in connection with this person isn´t good for you!
That´s why this is the most beautiful and perceptible sign, that something better, more beautiful and something bigger is meant for you and that this is with starstarsblingbling already waiting for you around the corner.


It doesn´t matter whether he cheated on you
with many others -
whether every word was a lie –
whether all your money is with the “devil” –
whether he let you down


Also you simulated and you spoke about love and now you develop pure hate!
That… also that is a lie.

You don´t owe each other anything at this moment.
However, you have a choice! And that you have!


What is it that you HATE about this person?
Is it that he seems to have it easier than you?
Is it that everything is pushed into his buttocks?
Is it because he is happy and you aren´t?
Is it because he is responsible for you misery?
is it that things seem to be easier for him, that someone took advantage of you and your trust was abused?


There you lie in your ditch and you stir up hate to everything this person did,
about his acting,
about what, in your opinion, he can manage so easily while flouting around on clouds whereas you believe to pay the full price for everything
And you get laughed at while being the victim -
And this is what you HATE!
You hate that your opponent made a decision which put you into a disadvantage -
That´s why you just hate and everything is getting worse…
You just can´t deal with each other anymore –
It ends in a conflict and you get to know each other´s disastrous side -
You make each other’s lives difficult!


Now that’s great! And yes, very deeply you must have loved each other.


It´s alright..
You might be hurt..
and you have to deal with it…
But to hate someone persistant…






Then what this actually means is that YOU HATE YOURSELF!


YOU, YOURSELF and no one else!


YOU ONLY HATE YOURSELF as a last consequence!


The hate which you send –
this hate is returning and the full capacity is remaining in you -
The source is bubbling..
And everyone knows when it already is bubbling..
Then at some point it will run over
and this cannot end good for you.


It is just an idea and a for me logical path.




You don´t like your situation.
You don´t like yourself.
You are looking for someone who´s guilty
someone you can choose and who you can pass the causes of all this on.




Might have been shit the way everything happened..


But this doesn´t help now – and aren´t you yourself worthy enough to recognize that?


Everything that bothered you about this person..
that he now might have another partner with whom he is happy..
and you don’t..


even though this would be lovely..
he guards his four walls apparently so gifted and carefree filled with vibrant life…
And you don´t..


even though this would be cool..
With your resources he makes, so to speak, a big life while grinning at you..
But you don´t have anything left


even though you would love to..




THEN don´t give away all your power
by hating even more and more
exactly then you won´t have time and no possibilities to receive what is meant for you
and destined for you is the PERFECT LUCK!




It is waiting – it is sitting next to you – screaming :




HE IS DEAF LIKE A HOLLOW BEECH there you scream at him and make everything for him completely shit -
you let him crash against the concrete wall
and what is he – this idiot still lays there in the ditch
and is aiming for another person who cannot help anymore to make things better..




At least, turn around! AT LEEEAST!
And then you will get everything in abundance
but you have to put yourself on the move -
you only have to start
Turn this order of your brain into action!
Tell your brain -
NOW – SO.. please turn around as often as needed until something is moving.. so that




Oh yea.. by the way.. if you wish your opposite something bad, you really only want it for yourself –


However, in the case that you like that it steadily goes downhill.. which might be..


also that is OK.. then forget everything I just had to write because it just slid down


from my brain into my keypad and it landed here..
Because then you´re doing everything just right..
then you´re on the right path that everything will be worse, more miserable, more stupid more shit and more fatal -
then take your mate HATE, the guarantee for this downward spiral, open up a bottle of beer and lurk in the ditch for your object, then that´s what you can do very well. It´s easy for you even though it´s difficult. Doesn´t matter.






And there´s something else!




And do you know what I think about it?
This is going to be very short…


Either you do something damn right -
then you should be happy that everyone notices
and if it is unbearable, then that simply means -
you are supposed to land somewhere else -
make space for someone else -
probably you and another person just have to swap!
Both unhappy, a small relocation – suddenly everything´s LOLALOT =)


So this is it.. wow.. I believe… I will leave it like this for today..


The only thing I want to get rid of..


RIGHT LOLA… You´ve never had problems.. real once.. be glad.. the sun is shining out of your a.. Maybe you once will have some, then you´ll understand better. Things aren´t always that easy.”


AHA. Alright. I´ll let you think that.
I know for myself… That I would have never ended here..
if I wouldn`t have known about the other side like maybe you are situated in..


If I wouldn´t know the black world..


Then I wouldn´t know how to love my colourful world, so I now ALWAYS..


No matter what may come, run around with my own created LOLALOTEN GLASSES…


Because there it´s just right.
and I can´t feel bad anymore.
Because I LOVE everything. EVERYTHING.


No joke..
I´m sorry if that bothers you,
I hope you won´t hate me for it…
not because of me..
but because of you..!


I do hope, that this is alright for you
and that you can be happy because then we´re all happy.




All the best and


Take care of yourself and your mind!


Because your mind can do a lot! Use its power!






Oh god.. how beautiful is that again.. right now in THIS MOMENT.. And this I have to put out there.. there rings my phone.. a whatsapp voice-note.. with the following words..


Hey I know.. you´re probably really busy right now.. but I really want to get this out as I want to thank you.. You were so right.. as always Lola – Luckily I was at yours yesterday.. and today I persuaded myself to wish the best to everyone- Only the best and it is unbelievable- I immediately started to receive only good! Lola this really works! Thanks to you!”


Haaa… I´m melting.. STARSTARBLINGBLING.. There´s nothing left to say to this, is there? :-)