No Luke but Lucky! Or... hereby I will stop my drinking career!

No Luke but Lucky!

Or: Hereby I stop my drinking career!



And it’s a funny carnival ... isn’t it?!

I hope you got it over yesterday!

I just had a flashback in my mind ....



It’s been a few years ago, when I was going out with a friend for a party to celebrate Carnival.

I was dressed up as a cowgirl – it’s been the easy way to costumize because everything needed therefore has been lounging around somewhere at home…. And so we were strolling around, having lots of fun, - as usual – me and Schnittlinski. By the way, that’s just a nickname resulting of life….and I think it’s a great name because she’s very sleekly and the ‚inski“ at the end makes the name special… no idea, does it always need an declaration?

No, Schnittlinski sounds cool and goes over the lips in a very smooth way…. That’s it – alright Schnittlinski?



I finished the evening somehow - I do not know exactly - but I met someone who was costumed as Lucky Luke and everyone who knows me .knows that the guy „Lucky Luke“ has always been very appealing to me because of his attitude: No worries, everything’s easy!


That's cool and his horse is just as great as his dog and yes .... Simply Everything!


I saw the guy standing there and - who knows me even better, knows very well - I had to chat to him because: hey he has been Lucky Luke!

I sprinted there like the moth into the light to announce his great outfit and he had to listen to a lot of Lucky Luke movie scenes that occurred to me.


Last but not least, I finally insisted in - what a surprise - taking a picture with Mr. Lucky, thinking that I was just looking very very cool.


This thing with the damn coolness-oh god ... other story ... if you want to look extra casual you look usually like more special and not otherwise ...

so much for that.


Back tot he story- I'm a digress-artist ha? Haha!


Awwwww ... the day after... I got THIS photo by SMS from my Schnittlinski (who took it) with the words:

Well? Already recovered? Hehe ....

And my answer was:

"And with this photography I hereby will stop my drinking career!"




Well, I openly like tippling… sometimes…just a little bit. Why not.

And I like to party.

And I like beer too.

And at my local pub, the beer at the bar tastes delicious!

And on my terrace it tastes wonderful too!

Haha ... does that sound like I am boozing?

No, I do not think so, and if it sounds like that... doesn´t matter...haha

I just have to know it for myself.

And how to handle it.

Because especially body-technically it may not be the very best and smartest thing you can do... For sure!...

...but the body anyway reports , and if the partynight at the weekend shoud have lasted a little bit longer, then the body might tell you the truth with a good value of strenght.



Rightly, I think…


Luckily I’ve already become a liiiiiiitttle smarter and don’t need to roughly force my beloved loyal body with my fancy party-ideas I have in mind….



Every now and then my body has to go through it,but for that - more and more with increasing "age" ( the way, age is nonsense - that fills up a different blog I think haha ") – phases of regeneration.

And – above all – my spirit-to-body-conversation becomes more cleare

and my body explains

in a very quiet, very logical way, illustrating with lots of practical examples (which are EASY to understand) how it goes with it, when I’m going to entertain it with hard-hitting party nights and funny medley-drinking games ...


Both, me and my body ... yeah... but we are getting closer

and slowly we really get damn good buddies and – just saying -

we fit one to another! Haha!

Because our communication is getting more and more extensive!


Having survived a night like carnival, this lesson learned can sound like this for example ... maybe somebody out there knows what i´m talking about .... ???? Hm????


So well…..My body talks:


Halloooooo Lola! Good Morning!!!!

Yooooooou!!!!! You have to get up - whether you like it or not - but you have to ....

I think…. It is urgently ... otherwise…. You know ;-)

By the way, you did a really great job last night ...


so I had quite a lot to work on tonight for all this rubbish

that you "gave me" yesterday... hard job for me to get rid of it…


I'm completely done ... I tell you ... and look at me ...

it's really great that it has been that funny but please...I’m not able to repair your drinking-crimes as quick as necessary



but... it's okay ... i will give my best...but LISTEN! LISTEN CLOSELY!

Today AND the day after you have to behave! Right? ALRIGHT LOLA????


After that kind of exhausting party night you can´t expect me to jump like a young deer and give you the power for funny new adventures the following day!

So yeah ... this morning ... the day after tomorrow ... and the day after and the day after ....and hopefully also the day’ll have to behave, DARLING...

Otherwise I‘ll have to work low- flame and then you are pissed off too

We need to support mutually!





I mean if you would give me a few things- supporting me with detoxing- that would be great.

Give me some milk-thistle and plenty of water! Oh yeah! Go!!! drink water! Lot’s of PLEASE!


ThenI’ll be alble to dispose some unpleasant fellows by flushing the water simply through the channel! Haha! Yes and please eat something healthy!


The fridge ist full of vegetables! Give me that!

I know- I sound more like pizza, but I'm sure- this is just your limited perception calling for pizza today -promise!

Take the vegetables!

And then water again and do you know what would be GREAT???!

Go out with me! Yeah, I know you do not like to hear this at all -  BUT

the couch is trying to take away your power with its seductive claws and love stinks - but come on ... let's go out for a minute –


I'll turn off the skull humming - I'm sure! ... I have already negotiated with the head office!

It promises that it would issue the error message immediately if I would be able move you out to get some fresh oxygen.


DEAL, istn’t it?


And Lola listen ... now the party has been that funny and I'm sure -

you're looking forward to have the next party with your friends and new friends! And so that we both will be prepared for that next weekend... .. Wink wink ... let´s do absolutely nothing of party stuff during the week! Well???? Well??? Tell me! Well????


YESSSSSSSS.... Gosh I´m glad that you understand in that quick kind of way!

You are really clever - I'm proud of you - you are realizing pretty fast ....


Yes, and I'm glad that I do not have to be annoying with all the guns like ...

Spitting, puking or something else ... that's not my favourite sports and yours either I know…. Lola ... well done

Anyway, I'm glad that you never ought to do this to me ....

Remembering Thailand…  what a different story... haha!


And I'm glad that the head office is always well controlled and headache never even could become really strong that it would be annoying ...

and fortunately I don´t have to work for days on recovering ....

We are a good team I think ....

And besides ... you've already become so much smarter anyway ... I'm glad ....

We could celebrate ... I know that ... and as long as it's so fun ...

we won´t stop it...


Everything with metes and bounds-we could say. Allright?


So ... maybe this blog fits in quite well at the beginning of Lent -

because it's just really nice for the body when it’s getting attention -

In all belongings and especially after a partynight - try not to bother your body with nonsense food and superdesaster-sugarbomb-softdrinks...

Little bit of milkthistle, water, tea and maybe just a mix of good healthy and shit-food hahahaha...--

and everything will run so much faster- so beautiful uncomplicated and you will

recover so much faster:-)


Detox is something very sexy.

First Day is Shit. Second too. Third .... Third is…. Massive HOT .... Promised!

And it´s getting even better on day 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... and so on :-)


This is like swimming in cold water - if I am trying to go slow into the one step back…. One foreward… back…in the end it´s tooo cold to try and you will never go for a swim…


But when you are jumping into the cold water, first it will hit you and you‘ll feel like..


But very quickly it will feel like:


I was not present at Fasching 2019 this time ... I am amazed by myself! Believe me!

But in 2019 this is already my second very unusual

"I AM NOT THERE" action in party ...


But I know one thing for sure - it feels great





But TOTALLY LUCKY :-) Need no Luke to be Lucky: -) hahahaha ....

So you super people with your super powers you all have in abundance :-)

I wish you a nice start to the Lent!

Love your Body :-)

It should be something like the BIG love at least -worth it :-)

If you like to feel good :-)

And that´s the thing you want - believe me!


So long ... see you soon






And here... my Carnival Photographs.... i won´t hide ;-) haha...